Electronic Structure of LaIn3 and LaSn3

  • Akira Hasegawa


A series of the lanthanum intermetallic compounds with the AuCu3 crystal structure, LaX3,in which X means In, Sn, T1 or Pb, was the subject of extensive study, because of their interesting superconducting and magnetic properties. Many experimental works were made for these compounds, notably the work of Grobman (1972) and Toxen et al (1973). Among these compounds, LaIn3 and LaSn3 have recently attracted renewed interest as a proper reference material for the study of the electronic structure of the valence-fluctuating state in CeSn3, CeIn3-x Snx (0≦x≦3), etc. One of the most interest-ing recent works is the Fermi surface measurement of CeSn3 by Johanson et al (1981); other important references are cited in their paper.


Fermi Surface Energy Band Structure Bloch State Bloch Electron Freeze Core Approximation 


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