Reconstitution as a Research Programme: T. E. King 1956 – 1986

  • Peter Nicholls


Tonight I’ve been asked to talk about Tsoo King, and you may wonder what my qualifications are for doing this. I wonder a little myself. We worked together in Corvallis, Oregon, because that was my first postdoctoral position. And perhaps one qualification is that in Corvallis, Tsoo King and I were almost equal strangers. This was brought home to me one night as the rest of us were sitting in a pizza parlour, when Tsoo wasn’t present. The waiter came to take our orders and took everybody’s order except mine; he then asked the person that he identified as the leader of the group “What will the Chinese gentleman be having?” So we looked around for the Chinese gentleman and it was me. He’d seen Tsoo and me, and heard Tsoo and me, in the place a few nights before, and our conversation, our appearance, and our styles were equally strange. He identified Tsoo as Chinese and therefore so was I. Benton County, Oregon was my own introduction to America. It had a jailhouse that’s smaller than this room set in a park with roses around the door; but my time in Corvallis was also the first time that I ever heard gunfire in a street at night. Benton County had the reputation of being the only county west of the Mississippi to go for Alf Landon over Roosevelt, and so despite the fact that Tsoo developed an unusual group there — nea -Iy all of us, for example, ended up with jobs and academic jobs at that C.P. Lee and Dave Wilson are here tonight — there was some sort of tension.


Succinate Dehydrogenase Sodium Fluoride Membrane Enzyme Electron Transfer Chain Atlantic City 
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