The Gas Exposure Technique for Tritium Labeling

  • Kenneth E. Wilzbach


In the gas exposure technique for tritium labeling [1], organic compounds are exposed to curie amounts of tritium gas for several days. The energy released in the disintegration of the tritium and absorbed in the system provides the activation necessary to effect labeling. Since appreciable quantities of energy, 1.8·1019 ev per curie-day of tritium, are involved, some radiation damage occurs. The products of radiation damage may contain an appreciable fraction of the organically bound tritium and may have a high specific activity. Efficient purification procedures will generally be required to obtain the parent compound radiochemically pure. The concentration of tritium which can be introduced into a compound is limited by its sensitivity to radiation damage, but for many compounds activities from 10−3 to 10−1 c/g can be obtained without excessive radiation damage. Activities in this range have been obtained, for example, in hydrocarbons, carbohydrates, sterols, and peptides. Results of some degradative studies indicate that compounds labeled by this technique may contain tritium at all possible positions, but at a nonuniform distribution.


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