Adaptive Strategies of Amphipsyche Larvae (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) Downstream of a Tropical Impoundment

  • P. J. Boon


The biological influence exerted by lakes on their outflows has been recognized since the early days of stream research (e.g., Krawany, 1930). However, studies on regulated rivers are comparatively recent, since only in the last two decades have hydroelectric, irrigation, and other flow-manipulative schemes assumed importance. Much of this work involved overall river surveys and the effects of regulation upon whole communities (e.g., Ward, 1976; Armitage, 1978), although occasional studies have concentrated on specific aspects of lake outflow ecology, e.g., temperature (Lehmkuhl, 1972), flow fluctuations (Trotzky and Gregory, 1974), and drift (Radford and Hartland-Rowe, 1971).


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