Hard-Facing Alloys Based on Refractory Compounds

  • A. Ya. Artamonov
  • D. Z. Yurchenko
  • I. F. Kirilets
Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)


The results of investigations of hard-facing materials based on some transition-metal borides containing 5–15% boron carbide are reported. Iron powder was added to the hard-facing mixtures in order to reduce the brittleness of the boride and carbide phases. A relationship was established between the resistance of the hard-facing layers to abrasive wear and the structure of the layer, the grain shape of the structural constituents, their hardness, and the degree of inhomogeneity, and the quantitative ratio between the hard and soft phases in the hard-facing layer. Hard-facing materials based on the borides of titanium and tungsten displayed a high resistance to wear and can be used to protect the working surfaces of machine components operating under conditions of abrasive wear.


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  • A. Ya. Artamonov
  • D. Z. Yurchenko
  • I. F. Kirilets

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