Temperature Dependence of the Congruently Evaporated Compositions of the Zirconium Monocarbide Phase and Their Evaporation Rate

  • T. A. Nikol’skaya
  • R. G. Avarbe
  • Yu. N. Vil’k
Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)


Zirconium monocarbide has been found to be capable of undergoing congruent evaporation. The temperature dependence of the congruently evaporated compositions of the ZrCX phase can be described by the simple equation
$$ \log (1 - x) = - 0.1696 - \frac{{1633}}{T} $$
and the evaporation rate by the equation
$$ \log {V_{{congr}}} = 8.555 - \frac{{38134}}{T} $$


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  • T. A. Nikol’skaya
  • R. G. Avarbe
  • Yu. N. Vil’k

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