The Thermodynamic Properties of Tantalum Carbide in the Homogeneity Range

  • E. A. Guseva
  • A. S. Bolgar
  • V. A. Gorbatyuk
  • V. V. Fesenko
Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)


The heat content of the carbides TaC0.70, TaC0.78, TaC0.85, and TaC04.99 has been measured in the range 1200–2200°K by the method of mixing, using a massive calorimeter. From the results obtained and from data available in the literature, values of the heat content, specific heat, and increase in entropy have been tabulated for TaC0.70, TaC0.78, and TaC0.85 for the range 1200–2200°K; while for TaC0.99 values of the enthalpy, specific heat, entropy, and reduced thermodynamic potential have been tabulated for the range 298–2500°K.


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© Consultants Bureau, New York 1974

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  • E. A. Guseva
  • A. S. Bolgar
  • V. A. Gorbatyuk
  • V. V. Fesenko

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