Thermal Expansion of Solid Solutions in the Systems ZrC-NbC and HfC-TaC

  • I. G. Barantseva
  • V. N. Paderno
Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)


A study has been made of the thermal expansion of pseudobinary carbide alloys in the systems ZrC-NbC and HfC-TaC, which form continuous series of solid solutions. The temperature dependence of the relative elongation is linear or almost so and it displays no unusual features. In both systems there is a reduction in the coefficient of thermal expansion of the alloys as compared with the individual carbides. The alloy Zr0.6eNb.4C in the one system and the alloy Hf0.3Ta0.7C in the other have the lowest coefficients. The decrease in the coefficient of thermal expansion of the alloys is in line with current concepts of the electron structure of the compounds concerned.


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  • I. G. Barantseva
  • V. N. Paderno

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