Some Physical Properties of Pyrolytic Boron Carbide

  • V. S. Neshpor
  • V. P. Nikitin
  • V. V. Rabotnov
Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)


The specific electrical resistivity, absolute differential thermo-emf, Hall coefficient, thermal conductivity, and microhardness have been measured on specimens of pyrolytic boron carbide having theoretical density and a compact laminar-columnar structure. It is suggested that the p-conduction in boron carbide is due to the partial replacement of carbon atoms in boron carbide of the limiting composition B4C by boron atoms which have a lower valence.


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© Consultants Bureau, New York 1974

Authors and Affiliations

  • V. S. Neshpor
  • V. P. Nikitin
  • V. V. Rabotnov

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