Some Problems in the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the Formation of Carbide Coatings on Graphite from the Vapor Phase

  • A. V. Emyashev
  • I. I. Chernenkov
  • L. N. Panshin
Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)


Thermodynamic calculations for the systems Si-Cl-C-H and Zr-Cl-C-H in the course of carbide formation have been made on an electronic computer. The kinetics of formation of the carbides SiC and ZrC has been studied experimentally in the temperature ranges 1400–1700°K and 1500–2400°K. The data calculated on a thermodynamic basis and the experimental results on the kinetics of the process have been compared, and it has been found that with a supply of the necessary components from the vapor phase the carbide coatings grows at a constant rate up to large thicknesses.


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  • A. V. Emyashev
  • I. I. Chernenkov
  • L. N. Panshin

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