Spectroscopy and Computer Dyeing

  • Braham Norwick
Part of the Developments in Applied Spectroscopy book series (DAIS, volume 7b)


Although computer analysis for proportions and weights of dyestuffs required to match a shade in dyeing fabric dates back about 25 years, progress has been slow and results of debatable commercial value. A review of problems and recent progress, including current application in the Beaunit Textile Company dyehouses, is given. Rapid spectrophotometer techniques for quality control and standardization of dyestuffs purchased in wide variety and small amounts was the first step in this application. Efforts to achieve zero adds in dyeing of new shades are described. Use of infrared spectroscopy is noted, as well as a color numbering system based on L, a, and b values.


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  • Braham Norwick
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  1. 1.Textile DivisionBeaunit CorpNew YorkUSA

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