The Use of Digital Computers for NMR Calculations

  • Milton I. Levenberg
Part of the Developments in Applied Spectroscopy book series (DAIS, volume 7b)


This paper is directed to the person unfamiliar with the details involved in using a digital computer to calculate NMR spectra. Three related topics are discussed: (1) The calculation of NMR line positions and intensities from chemical-shift and coupling-constant data, and the inverse problem of obtaining NMR parameters from line positions; (2) the calculation of peak profiles and exchange rates for nuclei exchanging between two magnetically-different sites; and (3) the adaptation of computer programs to computers other than those for which they were originally written. The manipulation of data required to use the computer programs is considered, rather than the theoretical and mathematical spects of the problem.


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  • Milton I. Levenberg
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  1. 1.Advanced Technology DepartmentAbbott LaboratoriesNorth ChicagoUSA

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