REST and Hypnotic Phenomena: Some Similarities Observed in European Case Studies

  • Peter Migály


More than a decade before the original McGill studies of sensory deprivation, psychoanalytic authors dealt with the potential role of sensory-motor manipulation, and with the progressive elimination of stimuli in hypnotic inductions (Kubie & Margolin, 1944; cit. Chertok, 1966, p. 33). The enhancement of hypnotic susceptibility by sensory restriction procedures was also predicted by a psychoanalytic model (Gill & Brenman, 1959; cit. Chertok, 1966, p. 33; cit. Wickramasekera, 1977a, p. 144).


Sensory Restriction Sensory Deprivation Hypnotic Susceptibility Progressive Elimination Time Distortion 


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