Fetal Antigens

A Biochemical Assay for Cancer
  • Thomas H. MaughII
  • Jean L. Marx


Perhaps the most crucial deficiency of modern cancer therapy is the difficulty of detecting new tumors at a stage of their development when therapy has a high chance of success. Largely as a result of delayed detection, cancer can now be cured in only one of every three afflicted individuals (where cure is defined as survival for 5 years). This represents an increase of nearly one-third as compared to the cure rate 15 years ago, but some scientists, such as Sidney L. Arje of the American Cancer Society in New York City, suggest that as many as 90 percent of individuals with cancer could be cured with current techniques if tumors could be detected earlier.


Uterine Cancer Fetal Antigen Tissue Culture Supernatant Dormant Gene Organ Specific Antigen 
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