Adenosine Kinase: Regulation by Substrates, Magnesium and pH

  • Richard L. Miller
  • David L. Adamczyk
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 122B)


Adenosine kinase phosphorylates many pharmacologically active nucleosides1,2. Several studies have been carried out on the partially purified enzyme from a number of species (see Refs. in 3 and Ref. 4). A striking observation from these reports is the large number of “optimal conditions” reported for the assay of the enzyme from these different sources. In the past, adenosine kinase has been assayed at adenosine concentrations as high as 1000 times that found in vivo. Under these conditions, the enzyme from both Sarcoma 180 cells5 and rabbit liver3 has been reported to be inhibited by adenosine. This inhibition and its relationship to the observed optimal assay conditions for the highly purified rabbit liver enzyme3 is the subject of this report.


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  • Richard L. Miller
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  • David L. Adamczyk
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  1. 1.Wellcome Research Laboratories Research Triangle ParkUSA

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