The Paraventriculo-Infundibular Corticotropin Releasing Factor (CRF)-System II. Functional Aspects

  • István Lengvári
  • Magdolna Kovács
  • Zsolt Liposits
  • Sándor Vigh
  • Béla Flerkó
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Recent isolation, characterisation and synthesis of CRF, a 41-residue polypeptide (Vale et al., 1981) made it possible to produce specific antibodies against it, which in turn resulted in immunohistochemical detection of CRF containing structures within the central nervous system (Merchenthaler et al., 1982: Swanson et al., 1983). One of the main characteristics of the central CRF system is that CRF containing cell bodies are found in diverse parts of the central nervous system. CRF containing cell bodies are demonstrated in several limbic areas, besides the hypothalamus (Liposits et al., 1983a: Merchenthaler et al., 1983), and even a few cells are scattered in the cerebral cortex (Merchenthaler, 1984: Fig. 1). It is evident that all of these cell groups are not directly responsible for the ACTH release of the anterior pituitary, as some of the areas containing CRF-immunopositive cells do not have classically demonstrated connection with the median eminence. In this presentation we try to answer two questions: (1) which CRF cell group is responsible for the pituitary ACTH release; and (2) what is the role of the other CRF cell groups.


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  • Magdolna Kovács
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  • Zsolt Liposits
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  • Sándor Vigh
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  • Béla Flerkó
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