Geological Summary of the Yucatan Peninsula

  • E. Lopez Ramos


This paper presents an integrated, though generalized, study of the Geology of the Yucatán Peninsula based upon what the writer believes to be the most adequate available information. The study covers the Yucatan Shelf from 16°–22° north and from 86°–91° west, including the eastern parts of the states of Yucatan and Campeche, the territory of Quintana Roo, the northern part of Guatemala, and the northeastern part of British Honduras (Belice) (Fig. 1). This is an area of approximately 300,000 km2. On the north and northeast the continental slope at the edge of Campeche bank forms a natural boundary for the region. To the east the continental slope also bounds the area, but there descends into the Caribbean Sea. The southern margin is formed by the Arco de la Libertad (Fig. 2), a positive feature including the Guatemalan Peten and the Maya Mountains of British Honduras. The western boundary is formed by the coastal plains of the Gulf of Mexico in southwestern Campeche and eastern Tabasco.


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