At present we have a very imperfect picture of the evolution of an island arc. Linear chains of active volcanoes presently occur in many island arcs and are associated with active subduction of an oceanic lithospheric plate beneath the arc, as are deep-sea trenches. How lithospheric underthrusting begins is much in doubt. The proposed nascent island arc in the Indian Ocean (Sykes, 1970) outward from the Java Trench, suggested by a diffuse distribution of epicenters, has as yet not been supported by further studies in the area. The development of an island arc is poorly known, and the validity of interarc spreading (Karig, 1971a, 1971b) is debated. What happens to an island arc when underthrusting ceases is also a matter of conjecture. Obviously, detailed geologic studies of island arcs can and will contribute to a better understanding of these problems. This paper attempts to summarize the present geologic knowledge of the island of Hispaniola toward that undertaking.


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