Light-Scattering Measurements and Chemical Analysis of Suspended Matter in the Near-Bottom Nepheloid Layer of the Gulf of Mexico

  • Richard A. Feely
  • Lawrence Sullivan
  • William M. Sackett
Part of the Marine Science book series (MR, volume 4)


The mass and chemical composition of suspended material in three near-bottom profiles in the Gulf of Mexico and in one profile in the Caribbean show a definite relationship to light scattering as measured by an Ewing-Thorndike nephelometer. For the Gulf of Mexico profiles, an increase in light scattering from about 300–700 above the bottom indicates a near-bottom nepheloid layer. In this layer, at about 100–200 m above the bottom, the concentrations of particulate aluminum, silicon, iron and organic carbon generally increased from 2 to 6 times over their respective concentrations at mid-depth. Constant and low light-scattering values and suspended matter concentrations at one station indicate that no near-bottom nepheloid layer is found in the Yucatan Basin of the Caribbean.


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  • Lawrence Sullivan
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  • William M. Sackett
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