The Suspended Material of the Amazon Shelf and Tropical Atlantic Ocean

  • Ronald J. Gibbs
Part of the Marine Science book series (MR, volume 4)


Filtered samples and optical data from six cruises in the Atlantic Ocean off the Amazon River between 1963 and 19 71 are used to determine transport of surface suspended material outward into the ocean. During high-river discharge the turbid-water line (≥2.0 mg/ℓ) extends 100 km seaward from the river mouth and northwestward along the coast for about 2000 km in a zone averaging 60 km wide. During low-river dis charge, a similar pattern extends seaward only 80 km from the river mouth and northwestward for about 2000 km. This turbid zone migrates between these extreme limits at intermediate stages of river discharge. The surface concentration of suspended material exhibits a steady seaward decrease and the zone along the outer continental shelf shows lobes of turbid water being engulfed by the northwestward flowing Guiana current.


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