Mössbauer Investigation of Nitrogenase

  • Reinhart Zimmermann
  • Alfred X. Trautwein


The basic principles of Mössbauer spectroscopy and its applications in Bioinorganic Chemistry have been described elsewhere.1 The present contribution is therefore restricted to some introductory remarks with respect to the method itself and is focused more on the specific results which have been derived from investigating nitro-genase.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Reinhart Zimmermann
    • 1
  • Alfred X. Trautwein
    • 2
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  1. 1.Experimentalphysik IUniversität Erlangen-Nürnberg85 ErlangenWest Germany
  2. 2.Angewandte PhysikUniversität des Saarlandes66 Saarbrücken 11West Germany
  3. 3.PhysikMedizinische Hochschule24 Lübeck 1West Germany

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