A comprehensive approach for CAD ED curriculum elaboration

  • T. David


Education in CAD becomes very important as interest in computer-aided design increases in more and more varied fields of application. The problem is especially difficult as both professionals and beginning students must be trained. Existing training programs are too limited in scope and number. Therefore new programs, both public and private, are being set up. Their aims and contents are extremely varied.

In our presentation we shall explain a comprehensive approach for the elaboration of a CAD education curriculum. Essentially, we should like to answer the following questions concerning CAD education:
  • for whom? (different types and levels of education)

  • what teaching methods? (independent or integrated education)

  • how to elaborate a particular curriculum?

  • The ideas expressed here were put into practice during the elaboration of different CAD education curricula.


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  • T. David
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  1. 1.Laboratoire IMAGGrenobleFrance

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