Volts, watts, amps, bus bars, motor control centers. Electrical components and nomenclature can be quite confusing at times, but basic building electrical systems all contain the same elements:
  • A service and distribution system—This includes transformers, meters, switch-boards, distribution panels, power panels and lighting panels. Conduits and conductors of various sizes are also included in the distribution system, a sort of nervous system that connects the switchgear to all of the devices and equipment requiring electrical power.

  • A lighting system to provide illumination to the work space.

  • Equipment connections to activate heating, cooling and other building systems.

  • Wiring devices to turn lights and some systems on and off.

  • Fire alarm systems to warn of fire hazards and perform automatic functions to control the spread of smoke and fire.

  • Specialized systems that complement these basic installations such as emergency generators, devices to produce “clean” and uninterrupted power (UPS) and cogeneration equipment.


Line Voltage Lighting Panel Emergency Generator Electronic Ballast Overload Protection 
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