Introduction to the magnetism of rocks

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Technology imitates nature, often unwittingly. Many of the devices, processes, systems and materials invented by man are to be found in the animal and mineral world. Magnetic navigation in the animal world is an example recently added to the list which includes ranging using sound waves, servomechanics, information transfer by electrical signals, mechanical and optical devices (cantilevers, the ball-and-socket joint, lenses, the screw propellor), and composite materials. The student of the earth and life sciences can consider the Earth and cosmos not only as a laboratory in which experiments in physics, chemistry and biology are taking place, but also as a source of new technology. When V. Poulsen invented magnetic recording 83 years ago, the mineral world had anticipated him by several thousand million years. One wonders if Poulsen’s experiments could have been inspired by the discovery of the magnetic recording properties of rocks only a few years before his patent was registered.


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