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Industrial Robot Specifications is divided into three sections, for ease of use. Part 1 comprises details of principal applications and lists all European robots by classification, from assembly robots to palletizing robots; also included in the section are vision systems and automated guided vehicles. Part 2, the main technical specification section, contains detailed specifications for over 300 robots. Each specification gives precise information on such aspects of a robot’s physical make-up as: axis movement; accuracy and repeatability; main applications; number of axes; arm and wrist movements; operating space and speed; the type of drive power employed; control system used, including type and size of memory, and the language used for the control program. At the foot of each specification, where possible, an elevation or plan diagram has been included. Finally, Part 3, the directory of manufacturers and distributors, lists manufacturers’ addresses and telephone numbers and, where possible, the names of key contacts and agents.


Industrial Robot Robot Kinematic Volatile Memory Computer Programming Language BASIC Direct Numerical Control 
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