Laser-Induced Instabilities and Anomalous Absorption in Dense Plasmas

  • Donald F. DuBois


In the last three years or so, the subject of radiation-induced parametric instabilities in plasmas has become an exceedingly active field of research. These instabilities have been observed in many experiments. High power transmitting antennas can excite these instabilities in the F-layer of the ionosphere where the resulting enhanced wave fluctuations are observed by radar backscatter techniques. Numerous laboratory experiments using Q-machines, DP devices and discharges and employing radiation sources in the radio-frequency to microwave regime have studied these instabilities. Many detailed theoretical predictions have been verified by these experiments, but at this early point there also remain many unanswered questions. Perhaps the most exciting but least understood application of these effects is toward the heating of laser produced plasmas for laser-induced fusion.


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