Goal Setting and Compromise Solutions

  • Po-Lung Yu
Part of the Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Science and Engineering book series (MCSENG, volume 30)


As a living entity, each human being has, consciously or subconsciously, a set of goals or equilibrium states to achieve and maintain. These goals include (i) survival and security of the self: physiological health, safety, and freedom from danger; (ii) perpetuation of the species: sex, giving birth to the next generation, family love, and welfare; (iii) feelings of self-importance: self-respect and self-esteem, accumulation of wealth and power, dominance, recognition, prestige, achievement, etc.; (iv) social approval: esteem and respect from others, affiliation, conformity with a desired group, giving and accepting sympathy and protectiveness; (v) sensual gratification: sexual, visual, auditory, smell, taste, tactile; (vi) cognitive consistency and curiosity: consistency in thought and opinion, exploring and acquiring knowledge, truth, beauty, and religion; (vii) self-actualization: the ability to accept and depend on the self, to rely on one’s own standard, to cease identifying with others.


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