Characteristics of Ionic Polymerization Processes

  • B. L. Erusalimskii
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The problem of preparing a work of a general nature may be approached in several essentially different ways. Usually the aim is to provide a review of the fundamental work in the field in its entirety, together with a consideration of the results obtained over a considerable period of time. We have chosen a different approach to the problems which comprise the subject of the present monograph. Its main purpose centers upon an attempt to examine the state of the art and possible ways of resolving the thorny or as yet unexplained aspects of the problem. Naturally, such an approach demands the bringing together of the most recent and fundamentally significant results of both theoretical and experimental research. At the same time, even though the work is aimed at the well-informed reader, it is impossible to avoid a short, however brief, account of the fundamental concepts. Naturally, it is difficult to define what is fundamental in the field of mechanisms of ionic polymerization. There is no doubt that the finer points, as well as many of the “conceptual” elements of the different schemes which are at present accepted, will be re-examined many times by others. There is nothing surprising about such a situation because the problem relates to a branch of polymer chemistry which has been developed comparatively recently. Therefore, in such circumstances, it is better to have as a basis a thorough understanding of the current points of view, the validity of which seldom exceeds the limits of probable hypothesis.


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