Development of Advanced Construction Technology Systems utilising Advanced Electronics

  • Tatsuo Terai


In this paper, outline of a national project called ACT is explained. Its main purpose is to clarify the future image of electronics-oriented technology in Japanese construction industry in 2000, and to make out technical requirements for setting up reasonable emvironment to be needed. The field of research and development is to cover whole activities in the industry. This five year R&D project is devided into six executive sectors in large. Firstly it is devided by its application fild, civil engineering and building construction, secondly by the nature of technology, i.e. software-oriented, hardware-oriented and of their integration.

This project is one of a series of national program called “general project for technical development (GPTD)” sponsored by the Ministry of Construction (MOC). GPTD aims to research such subject as is very important in view of governmental and technical development and general and multi-disciplinary to cover many regions, systematically and organically in good cooperation with private companies, universities and so forth. The system of this program is shortly explained at first.


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