Application programs and databases

  • Fran Jović


Each process control system demands its own set of application programs and possesses its own database. Simple process control systems require a modest volume of application programs — 2 kbytes (Miković, Internal Report No. 1651, Rade Končar), whereas complex systems require 250 kbytes or more (Debeljuh and Vranić, 1982). Many complex systems are split up into smaller functional systems since the cost of process control systems increases with program complexity (Laduzinsky, 1982). Application programs use program modules already developed, or macro instructions, higher languages (eg Fortran, C, Pascal and Ada) or functional symbols (Asea Information Ylda 78–08). Some can be produced using different techniques, tested, linked together and tested again, but extended real-time programs are usually written in higher languages.


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