Outlines of Psychology

V. The Principles and Laws of Psychical Causality
  • Wilhelm Wundt
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After Wundt’s change of status from being a physiologist of no particular note to professor of philosophy at Germany’s largest university, it was natural that he should make a more careful statement of his metaphysical position than the “Closing Remarks”with which he ended the Principles of Physiological Psychology (pp. 171–177). In the second edition, accordingly, that short chapter was expanded into two chapters, each twice as long as the original. Section 23 (“Metaphysical Hypotheses about the Nature of Mind”) is an expanded treatment of the topics included in paragraphs 3–7 of the earlier statement. Errors that had been committed in stating the views of Descartes and Leibniz were corrected by substituting for their names, at the appropriate places, “the Cartesians” and “followers of Leibniz.” Unguarded references to interaction (Wechselwirkung) of body and mind were not eliminated from this chapter.


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