Water at High Temperatures and Pressures

  • Klaus Tödheide
Part of the Water book series (WCT, volume 1)


This chapter deals with the properties of water in its fluid phases at high temperatures and high pressures. Figure 1 shows the P-T projection of the high-pressure portion of the phase diagram of water, with its various modifications of ice indicated by Roman numerals. The temperature and pressure ranges covered in this chapter are limited by the dashed line and the melting pressure curve of ice VII, which has been measured by Pistorius et al.(847) up to 200 kbar, where the melting temperature is 442°C. Beyond the upper pressure and temperature limits of 250 kbar and 1000°C, respectively, data on the properties of water are not yet available. The lower limits are chosen somewhat arbitrarily. Therefore, it will sometimes be necessary to report also on the properties of water at lower temperatures and pressures. The immediate neighborhood of the critical point (CP), whose coordinates(798) are Tc = 374.15°C, P c = 221.2 bar, and Vc = 3.28 cm3 g-1, is treated in Chapter 11.


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