Organic Brain Syndromes in Cerebrovascular Disease — Early and Mild Cases Without Focal Neurological Symptoms and Signs

  • Gerd Krüger


The clinical differentiation was studied between organic brain syndromes associated with cerebrovascular disease whose clinical conditions were rather like cerebral arteriosclerosis with small commonly unrecognized apoplexies (Alzheimer, 1899, 1902; Avarez, 1946) than stroke (Goodstein, 1983; Hachinski et al., 1974) and those with other etiologic factors in young, middleaged and elderly patients (Krüger et al., 1981). The purpose was to find diagnostically relevant features, especially in terms of psychopathology.


Cerebrovascular Disease Discriminant Function Withdrawal Syndrome Chronic Alcoholism Discriminant Function Analysis 
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  • Gerd Krüger
    • 1
  1. 1.Central Institute of Mental HealthMannheim 1Germany

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