Experimental Tardive Dyskinesia

  • Lars M. Gunne
  • Jan-Erik Häggström


In our laboratory we have contributed to the development of animal models for tardive dyskinesia (TD) in Cebus apella monkeys (Gunne and Bárány 1976, Bárány et al. 1979) and rats (Gunne et al. 1982). The abnormal movements observed in these monkeys were either confined to the bucco-1ingual area (with tongue protrusion, athetotic tongue movements, and perioral twitchings) or spread to neck, trunk and extremities. In the rats we only noticed a supra-normal rate of vacuous chewing movements. All dyskinetic movements persisted throughout the final drug withdrawal phase before sacrifice.


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  • Lars M. Gunne
    • 1
  • Jan-Erik Häggström
    • 1
  1. 1.Psychiatric Research CenterUppsalaSweden

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