Fine-Motor Control of Neuroleptic Dosage

  • I. Bitter


The early recognition of the side-effects of a drug ranks amongst a physician’s most important tasks. The handwriting specimen facilitates the early recognition especially of the hypokinetic side-effects of neuroleptic agents. A latent parkinson syndrome becomes discernible by the strain of the fine-motor activity of writing on the extrapyramidal system, i.e. during neuroleptic treatment hypokinesia manifests itself earlier micrographically in the handwriting than clinically. The handwriting specimen as a reproducible test, i.e. handwriting test, is of the same importance to the extrapyramidal system as are the tests by Gierlich, Barre and Mingazzini to the pyramidal system, because these tests may help us to diagnose a hidden, latent paresis.


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