Cross Sectional and Longitudinal Studies of Organic Brain Syndromes

  • Kornelius Kryspin-Exner


Tests, which are made to objectify and quantify cognitive impairment and which can be used for longitudinal studies are mostly of theoretical, but in some groups of patients also of therapeutic interest. Methodological difficulties of these studies are well-known. Every paper in the international literature includes the demand for a more thorough and exact and more population oriented diagnosis. On the basis of studies, that were carried out at the Universitätsklinik für Psychiatrie Innsbruck, two examples will be presented.


Cognitive Deficit Hierarchical Cluster Analysis Behavioural Disturbance Social Dysfunction Therapeutic Interest 
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  • Kornelius Kryspin-Exner
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  1. 1.Universitätsklinik für PsychiatrieInnsbruckAustria

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