Photochemotherapy of Skin Diseases

  • J. A. Parrish
  • R. S. Stern
  • M. A. Pathak
  • T. B. Fitzpatrick
Part of the Photobiology book series (PB)


While phototherapy is defined as the application of visible or ultraviolet (UV) radiation to the treatment of disease, in photochemotherapy a chemical sensitizer is administered concurrently and the therapeutic effect depends on photochemical interaction of the chemical and radiation. In the doses used, chemical and radiation alone usually have little or no therapeutic effect. Photochemotherapy utilizing psoralen compounds, including 8-methoxy-psoralen, and long-wave UV radiation is currently used in the treatment of many common skin diseases. Other forms of photochemotherapy not utilizing psoralens have been used in the treatment of certain tumors (see Chapter 23). Topical forms of photochemotherapy have been proposed for treatment of recurrent herpes simplex (see Chapters 19–21).


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