Studies on Mescaline XII: Effects of Prior Administration of Various Psychotropic Drugs

  • Paul Rajotte
  • Herman C. B. Denber
  • Dorothy Kauffman
  • Sidney Merlis


In comparing the blocking action of different psychotropic drugs on the mescaline-induced state, chlorpromazine and triflupromazine were found to be the most active, prochlorperazine and thiopropazate moderately so, while diethazine accentuated the mescaline response. Promazine and promethazine were ineffective, a finding concurring with that in clinical practice. The intramuscular injection of these drugs after mescaline did not influence the continuous fall of amino acids and eosinophils [1].


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  • Paul Rajotte
  • Herman C. B. Denber
  • Dorothy Kauffman
  • Sidney Merlis

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