Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry

pp 170-179

Treatment of Autistic Schizophrenic Children with LSD-25 and UML-491

  • Lauretta Bender
  • , Lothar Goldschmidt
  • , D. V. Siva Sankar
  • , Alfred M. Freedman

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Autistic schizophrenic children present challenging and baffling problems in treatment. Without attempting to deal again with the controversial issues concerning the definitions and etiological factors of either childhood schizophrenia [1] or the autistic reaction pattern [2], we will refer to the various treatment regimes attempted by Bender and co-workers in the past quarter of a century with these children. Many of the children have been followed subsequently into later childhood, adolescence, and adulthood [3]. Meanwhile, a new group of young autistic children are always available for new treatment endeavors as the new modes become available.