Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

Presidential Address
  • W. Horsley Gantt


My justification for speaking on the work of Pavlov and its later development rests upon the fact that only about six or seven pupils of Pavlov are still alive and actively working—it has been a quarter of a century since his death. Of these, three are still working in Russia—Kupalov, Asratyan, and Anokhin—and three, to my knowledge, outside Russia—Konorski in Poland and Harold Wolff* and myself in this country. Liddell (Cornell) visited Pavlov’s laboratory in 1926 while I was there. Paul Yakovlev (Harvard) and Peter Karpovich (Springfield, Massachusetts) were pupils of Pavlov in Petrograd. Also in Russia are Ivanov-Smolensky, Krasnogorsky, and Speransky, but all of these men are, as I hear, too feeble to work. During the past two years three eminent pupils of PavlovBykov, Orbeli, and Vollorth— have died.


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