Monte Carlo Computations for Lattice Gauge Theories with Finite Gauge Groups

  • C. Rebbi
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 70)


The lattice formulation of quantum gauge field theories provides a regularization of the ultraviolet divergences and allows computational techniques, such as strong coupling expansions, which cannot be applied to the continuum theory.1) After a Wick rotation of time to imaginary time, the weighted sum over all configurations used to define quantum expectation values becomes formally identical to a statistical sum for a four-dimensional system. This has suggested the recourse to Monte Carlo simulations for obtaining numerical information about lattice gauge field theories.2,3,4) Monte Carlo computations have indeed constituted for a while, basically since the advent of modern high-speed computers, a very powerful tool to study statistical systems. In this lecture I shall describe results obtained in a variety of Monte Carlo investigations, in which I have been in-volved.2,5,6)


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Authors and Affiliations

  • C. Rebbi
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  1. 1.CERNGeneva 23Switzerland
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsBrookhaven National LaboratoryUptonUSA

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