Universal Basic Education

  • Romabus Ogbanna Ohuche
  • Max A. Sobel
  • Shirley Frye
  • Alonso Viteri Garrido


About the time of the Addis Ababa Conference of African Ministers of Education in 1961 many African countries had their first commissions on education as independent nations. On the whole these reports indicated that primary education would be used to establish literacy, impart knowledge and skills, develop the personality of the individual and produce useful citizens.


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  • Romabus Ogbanna Ohuche
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  • Max A. Sobel
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  • Shirley Frye
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  • Alonso Viteri Garrido
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  1. 1.University of NigeriaNigeria
  2. 2.Montclair State CollegeUSA
  3. 3.Scottsdale School DistrictUSA
  4. 4.QuitoEcuador

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