On Raising the Electrical Resistance of Zirconium—Niobium Alloys by Cooling to Critical Temperatures

  • Yu. F. Bychkov
  • M. T. Zuev
  • V. A. Mal’tsev
  • A. N. Rozanov
  • I. S. Khukhareva
Conference paper


The effect of quenching temperature, degree of deformation, aging, and niobium content in the solid solution on the specific electrical resistance of Zr-15-25%Nb alloys at 4 to 300°K is considered. Alloys quenched from high temperatures increase their specific electrical resistance on cooling from room temperature to the temperature of the superconducting transformation, while after cold working or aging the temperature coefficient of resistance takes the positive value normal for metals. The reasons for this behavior of the alloys are discussed.


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Copyright information

© Consultants Bureau, New York 1970

Authors and Affiliations

  • Yu. F. Bychkov
  • M. T. Zuev
  • V. A. Mal’tsev
  • A. N. Rozanov
  • I. S. Khukhareva

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