Apparatus for Measuring the Temperature Corresponding to the Transformation of Metals and Alloys into the Superconducting State

  • N. D. Kozlova
  • Y. V. Efimov
  • V. V. Baron
  • E. M. Savitskii
Conference paper


A method of measuring critical temperatures from 4.2 to 20°K is described; it is based on a special new apparatus for measuring the magnetic permeability of samples and is accurate to 0.2°K. The measuring method is simple and gives reliable and reproducible results even if the amount of superconducting phase in the samples is under 0.5.10-4 cm3. In measuring alloys containing two or several superconducting phases, the transitional curves give characteristic steps; the temperatures of these steps correspond to the TK of the phases present. The method may also be used for the phase analysis of superconducting alloys.


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© Consultants Bureau, New York 1970

Authors and Affiliations

  • N. D. Kozlova
  • Y. V. Efimov
  • V. V. Baron
  • E. M. Savitskii

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