X-Ray Diffraction and Metallographic Study of Phase Transformations in Superconducting Niobium—Zirconium Alloys

  • N. F. Pravdyuk
  • G. P. Saenko
  • L. A. Elesin
Conference paper


The phase composition and structure of cold-worked and annealed (at 500, 700, and 1000°) Nb-30-50% Zr alloys are studied by x-ray methods and in the electron microscope. As a result of a decomposition at 500° an Nb-base bcc solid solution and a solid solution of Nb in α-Zr with a hexagonal lattice are formed. Annealing at 700° causes decomposition into two bcc solid solutions. Annealing at 1000° causes recrystallization of the alloys, taking place most completely in that containing 50% Zr.


Solid Solution Hexagonal Phase Rolling Plane Gaseous Element Zirconium Carbide 
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  • N. F. Pravdyuk
  • G. P. Saenko
  • L. A. Elesin

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