Superconducting Properties of Nb—Hf Alloys and the Effect of Mechanical and Heat Treatment on Their Structure and Properties

  • M. I. Bychkova
  • V. V. Baron
  • E. M. Savitskii
Conference paper


The structure of Nb alloys containing 25, 50, and 75 at.% Hf is studied in the cold-worked and heat-treated states. The β solid solution decomposes into hexagonal and bcc phases at temperatures below 850˚; above this temperature the solid solution decomposes into two bcc phases. The change in critical current and transformation temperature is studied for alloys after working and heat treatment. Heat treatment raises the superconducting characteristics; however, these are still not as high as those of Nb-Zr and Nb-Ti alloys.


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  • M. I. Bychkova
  • V. V. Baron
  • E. M. Savitskii

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