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  • L. D. Rozenberg
Part of the Ultrasonic Technology book series (ULTE, volume 1)


In the preceding chapters we have analyzed the physical and engineering aspects of ultrasonic welding and formulated certain optimum conditions for selecting the operating regimes, technology, and equipment. In the present chapter we briefly summarize the applications of ultrasonic welding. The decision as to its suitability for a particular application is primarily contingent upon various characteristics, mainly those relating to strength, of the final welded bonds. These characteristics will be considered in § 2. Also, in order to afford a better acquaintance with the diversified possibilities offered by ultrasonic welding, some examples are given in § 3, although these certainly do not exhaust all the possibilities. The continued improvement of the technology and equipment will beget new applications of this type of welding. Future expectations for ultrasonic welding are examined in § 4.


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