Liquid Crystals IV. Electro-Optic Effects in p-Alkoxybenzylidene-p’-Aminoalkylphenones and Related Compounds

  • Joseph A. Castellano
  • Michael T. McCaffrey


A systematic study of the relationship between molecular structure and the electrical properties of liquid crystals has recently led us to the discovery of several new electro-optic effects in nematic2,3 and cholesteric-nematic4,5 materials. In the present work, which is a continuation of this study, a series of compounds with both nematic and smectic behavior were examined under externally applied electric fields. These new compounds were derived from p-alkoxybenzylidene-p’-aminoalkylphenones (I) and were prepared by conventional procedures.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Joseph A. Castellano
    • 1
  • Michael T. McCaffrey
    • 1
  1. 1.RCA LaboratoriesDavid Sarnoff Research CenterPrincetonUSA

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