Rate Controlled Sintering of Explosively Shock-Conditioned Alumina Powders

  • K. Y. Kim
  • A. D. Batchelor
  • K. L. More
  • H. PalmourIII
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 17)


Fine, high purity alumina powders subjected to nominal plane strain shock conditioning in precompacted disc form by an explosively driven flyer plate were reconstituted as well-compacted specimens (DO = 0.65) and sintered dilatometrically in both CTS and RCS modes (Df = 0.98-0.99+). Effects of variations in precompaction and in shock velocity are characterized and related to sinterability, with emphasis on resultant temperatures at onset of shrinkage, initial stage densification kinetics, overall rate effects and microstruc- tural development.


Alumina Powder Shock Pressure Densification Rate Dynamic Compaction Flyer Plate 
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  • K. Y. Kim
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  • A. D. Batchelor
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  • K. L. More
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  • H. PalmourIII
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  1. 1.North Carolina State UniversityRaleighUSA

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