Dense Ceramic Parts Hot Pressed to Shape by HIP

  • Hans T. Larker
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 17)


An alternative way to carry out encapsulation and HIPing can produce fully dense and accurately shaped parts. Only areas of particularly narrow tolerances have to be machined after HIP. The process can therefore be developed for economically competitive mass production. The method uses a green powder body to determine a final shape of the part. This is in contrast to the prevailing technique to fill a powder into a glass or metal container and allow the interior shape of the latter to determine the shape of the HIPed body. In the new method injection molding is often found to be suitable for the fabrication of the green body. A temporary containment of glass taking the shape of the green body is used to prevent the gaseous pressure medium from penetrating the porous body during the HIP process.


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